10 Amazing Vintage Yoga Pictures

10 Amazing Vintage Yoga Pictures

January 26, 2018

If you've been following our Facebook page, you know we love vintage yoga pictures. We share one pretty much every single Thursday, because #tbt. Here's a couple of our favorites:


audrey hepburn vintage yoga

1958: Audrey Hepburn doing yoga on the set of Green Mansions

 vintage yoga iyengar

1993: B.K.S. Iyengar teaching headstands at an international yoga convention in London. These yogis better be stable or we could expect a dangerous domino effect!

kids vintage yoga

1934: A group of kids doing cobra pose on a pebbly beach of England

woodstock vintage acro yoga

1969: A naked couple doing acro yoga at Woodstock

marilyn monroe vintage yoga

1948: Marilyn Monroe doing a tripod headstand on the beach

archie vintage yoga

1965: Betty and Veronica improve circulation in their own way

forearm stand vintage yoga

1960: For Eddie Katz, doing forearm stands on the ground was way too simple. He had to do it on two skateboards, going down a street...

garden vintage yoga

1956: A group yoga class in the garden

madonna vintage yoga

1980s: The queen of pop, Madonna, was another celebrity to enjoy the benefits of yoga

vogue vintage yoga

1972: Beautiful photo of a woman practicing Matsyasana for Vogue magazine

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