Where love meets energy and freedom, YogaDept is born.

A designer brand of high-quality yoga, gym and sportswear, YogaDept distinguishes itself from other fitwear and athleisure brands by offering superior quality at an accessible price. We believe that every woman deserves to feel like a goddess while she works out and that your fitwear should work as hard as you do without showing signs of strain or wear. Flex, stretch and push your limits with confidence knowing that your YogaDept garment has been engineered to keep up with you. 

We love to exercise because moving our bodies gives us a feeling of freedom, wellbeing and self-love. YogaDept are meant to support and enhance your unique workout experience without distracting you from your purpose. Subpar fabrics and poorly constructed garments have the potential to ruin a good workout by stretching out, tearing or clinging to your skin, causing discomfort and making it harder for you to focus on attaining your fitness goals. At YogaDept , our talented design team has created an innovative series of fabrics that are soft to the touch yet strong enough to endure the most strenuous stretches. Pair these remarkable fabrics with our alluring designs and you’ll find fitwear so perfect you won’t want to take it off!


To stay true to our vision of becoming your new favourite fitwear provider, we uphold the following philosophies in every YogaDept item: 

    • Quality - our fitwear is engineered to last as long as you do without stretching, fading or losing its shape. Fabric integrity is everything to us, which is why we work tirelessly to produce fabrics that are as durable as they are comfortable. We believe that every time you put on your YogaDept garment should feel like the first time. 

    • Affordability - fitwear shouldn't be exclusive. We keep our prices attainable so that every woman can afford to experience the YogaDept difference in her workout. 

    • Comfort - when you’re pushing the limits of your body, your fitwear should be the last thing on your mind. Our comfort-first approach ensures that you will barely notice your YogaDept garment while you are wearing it, so you can focus on crushing your workout goals. 

    • Customized- with our distinctive range of fabrics, prints and designs, you are sure to turn heads wherever you wear your YogaDept garments. 

    • Efficiency- love it? Need it now? You got it! We pride ourselves on our fast delivery, so you’ll receive your dose of YogaDept fabulousness before its time for your next workout.

Whether you run, stretch, pose or lift, do it in YogaDept for unrivalled quality and comfort.

YogaDept - Awaken the gym goddess in you.


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