10 Best Yoga Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018


10 Instagram Yogis to Follow in 2018

In need of some inspiration to unroll your mat and practice? We rounded up some of our favorite Instagram yogis.

1- @yogawithbriohny



Briohny Smith is a yoga instructor that teaches yoga classes, retreats and teacher trainings all over the world. Her feed is full of pictures from these exotic travels.

2- @chelseykorus



Chelsey Korus is one of the world’s foremost teachers. She’s all about living your life to the fullest and making it count. Her feed inspires us to move and her stories are sure to give us a smile!

3- @helenehopyoga



Hélène Bélanger-Martin is a Quebec insta-yogi! She started her social media journey when she challenged herself to practice yoga everyday for 365 days. She had to immortalize that moment by a picture, every single day. She went on with her habit of practicing and everyday she shares a moment from her practice. She even wore our Ballerina Capris!

4- @ze_namaze



Another Quebec yogi! Andréanne is the founder of the Namaze community. She teaches workshops everywhere in Quebec and does yoga retreats all over the world.

BONUS: @yoga_dept



Shameless plug; that's us! We share a beautiful mix of yoga clothing pictures (duh!), yoga inspiration, quotes, food and anything related to the #yogilife!

5- @mynameisjessamyn


I fell in love with the high quality + stylish @JCPenney athletic wear that I wore during the #HereIAm shoot- the shorts, leggings, and tops made me feel very strong, sexy, and confident. However, we rarely see fat bodied athletes wearing revealing clothing. I think it’s because we’re expected to hide our bodies beneath layers of fabric. However, feeling good about ourselves should be a universal value- and what better way to manifest self-love than by wearing the clothes we actually WANT to wear, instead of the clothes we’re expected to wear? Regardless of body shape or size, we’re all meant to live our best lives right now, at this exact moment. But let’s face it- confidence can be hard to maintain in the face of opposition. It may not come easy, but confidence is more worthwhile than almost anything else in this world. I maintain confidence by reminding myself that I am meant to be unique- and the unexpected bits of my body and personality are the best parts. How do you maintain confidence? #sponsored

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Jessamyn Stanley is a super body-positive yoga teacher based in North Carolina. She has a book, Every Body Yoga, a podcast and a hotline.

6- @caleyalyssa



Caley Alyssa is an international yoga teacher. She is all about finding love in yourself to be able to connect with others more deeply. Her feed is full of yoga poses, lifestyle shots and healthy food.

7- @acrovinyasa


Spotter is the glue that holds it all together!😻 @sofiephoenix

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AcroVinyasa by Yoga Beyond has pictures of Honza and Claudine Lafond, the founders. This acro yoga feed is not only inspirational, but also very instructive for acro-lovers of all levels.

8- @the_southern_yogi


Flew out of Louisville solo this morning for a week in Tahoe. (You guys will find out later what I’m doing there 🤓). I don’t know if it was the Virgo full moon or WHAT (Virgo here 🙋🏼‍♀️) - but my anxiety has been off the charts the past few days. I haven’t traveled without Keoni much over the last year and leaving him, even for a short 5 days was feeling really hard last night. We are inseparable if you can’t tell. 😅 Like always though - he talked me through everything I was feeling, let me have a good cry and by this morning I was good to go. In case you think I breeze through every, single day - I don’t. Some days are short and sweet. Others are long and reflective. My scatterbrained thoughts were even apparent in my practice. Those half lotus presses were NOT happening. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️ I hope wherever you’re at today you give yourself the grace to recognize it, acknowledge it, and flow with it. xo. Flowing to @gavinhaley covers.

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Morgan Tyler posts a lot of yoga videos on her feed. What you’ll see most: hand balances! If it’s something you love looking at, she’s the Instagram yogi you need to follow. Plus, she has cute puppies and cats.

9- @kinoyoga


Tittibhasana. Firefly. Some poses that look like strength are deceptive, like this one. It looks like an arm balance but the essence is a deep forward bend. If you focus on the power too much you’ll miss the subtle dynamics that will take you deeper. _ The mystery of the practice often reveals itself in the quietness of the breath. So much of yoga is internal, it often takes years to really uncover the wisdom. There is no substitute for disciplined effort over many years. Some things you just can’t rush. _ Day 3 #flylikeayogi is #tittibhasana firefly. Did you practice with me on @omstarsofficial today? What did you think? Leave me a comment below. _ Share your journey and tag me @yogajosey @omstarsofficial @yogaclubbox @liforme and help us raise $1 for every person who participates! _ Photo by @dtufino_photo #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime 🙏

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How could we not include Kino MacGregor in this list? Impossible! She’s one of the most known yoga teachers in the world. She travels for teaching workshops and also teaches online. We love her insightful captions and her contagious smile.

10- @diceyoga


Happy Friday, friends, yogis, and movers! 😉🙌 . #airbaby in @aloyoga . #yoga #movement

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Dice lida-Klein is a yoga teacher and father. His feed features his son, one in a while, and a lot of powerful poses. He teaches classes online and teacher trainings with @bryceyoga.

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