What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat


Yoga retreats are poping up everywhere these days, with reason: they usually mix an exotic destination with yoga classes, fun activities, and a dose of rest, which makes for a transformative cocktail! They are the best way to be on vacation AND bring your yoga practice a bit further.

So you just registered for a yoga retreat? How exciting! Here's 8 things we believe you shouldn't leave without:

What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat

1- Breathable Yoga Pants

onzie green mesh yoga pants breathable yoga pants onzie

Adapt the length of your bottoms to your destination and what you are comfortable with. Whatever the destination, cold or tropical, you'll be doing yoga probably more than once a day. You'll want dry-fast, breathable, anti microbial pants; believe us.

2- Layers

onzie long sleeve yoga top onzie black yoga sweatshirt open back

At night, it might be chilly. You also want to stay warm during your meditations, yin classes or yoga nidra. Bring either a long sleeve or a sweatshirt depending on where you are going.

3- A good supportive bra (and more than one)

black yoga bra onzie

As you'll be doing yoga and probably other physical activities everyday, you'll want to bring a good supportive bra. And yes, more than one, except if you plan on washing it every other day. Even if our bras are made of anti microbial material, they can still develop a smell if you don't wash your sweat off of it once in a while.

4- A travel yoga mat

manduka eKO travel mat

Ask if you need to bring your own mat. If you don't, maybe you'll only want to bring a towel to cover the mat they'll give you. But if you do, consider bringing a travel mat instead of your regular bulky and heavy mat. Yes, travel mat are thinner, which means they have less cushioning. But consider this: you'll need to check in your bags if you bring your full size travel mat and that costs at least 50-60$. But if you can fit your yoga mat in a carry on, you'll be able to buy cheaper plane tickets! The Manduka SuperLite mat is foldable and becomes very small (it's actually hard to believe!)

5- A reusable water bottle

white insulated water bottle

Be kind to our planet and bring a water bottle! You'll be able to fill it up at the yoga retreat center and this way, you will avoid plastic bottles!

6- Sun protection

spiritual gangster good vibes dad hat

If going to an warm and exotic destination, you'll want to bring sun protection. Bring a good sunblock, 30 and higher, and a hat.

7- A mala necklace

green tourmaline mala necklace

This one is an option, but yoga retreats are a time to go inside and you might want to explore meditation. Malas are a great way to meditate, as it occupies your senses and your mind while you repeat your mantra. Plus, it looks totally cool if you wear yours in your neck!

8- A journal & a good book

If you get insights, if you want to write down something a teacher said or if you want to draw, you'll need a journal! Also, bring a book, an something other than a chick lit; you'll may want to consider something a little more... insightful. Yoga retreat are a good time to go deeper and they can be a transformative experience if we want them to be. Bring a book about yoga or about a topic that is interesting to you!

And don't forget to bring your best friend!

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