8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice


8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice

Do you struggle with making yoga a habit? 

You are not alone. Busy schedules may interfere with the motivation to get on a mat for yoga practice.

8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice

The value of consistency in yoga is incredible. Every yoga session appeals to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. The more you practice, the healthier you get holistically.

How can I maintain a consistent yoga practice? 

Practice yoga consistently for 21 days. You will subconsciously establish a yoga routine in your schedule. You will find yourself attending studio classes or on your yoga mat at home with zero mental debate.

Wondering how to get motivated for your yoga practice? Remember, refusing to give up is the key. Keep reading for tips on making yoga a habit.

1. Develop A Positive Mindset Towards Yoga To Maintain Consistency

'It is all in your minds.' You have probably come across that phrase on several occasions. Stop thinking of yoga as an optional choice in your daily routine.


8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice

Think about all the benefits of yoga on your body and mind. Mindfulness, improved posture, enhanced mobility, greater flexibility, and more strength.

Think about your physiological health. A 2017 research shows that yoga helps to improve blood sugar levels. It increases glycemic outcomes for patients with type2 diabetes.

The research showed that yoga helps to improve the blood pressure of the patients.

Keeping in mind all the benefits of yoga should be enough motivation to get you on your mat. Attend a studio session if you prefer that over home yoga practice.

2. Accept That You Are Not Perfect Yogi

You saw someone practice aerial yoga in a movie or the yoga studio. You try out the move. You fall off the silk hammock. You start thinking you're horrible. This could be you, right?

Every yoga pose requires perfection, no matter how simple it looks. Our bodies are different. Stop being too rigid on yourself.

Accept that you are not perfect. We all take time to learn. Yoga is all about practice, not perfection.

Find poses that you are comfortable with. One that will keep you motivated to get on your mat or go to the studio every day. Block out the negativity and build consistency for great results.

3. Stick With A Particular Yoga Sequence To Stay Consistent

Repeating the same yoga poses every day helps you develop a sequence. Repetitions lead to consistency.

Write down your favorite yoga poses. Schedule a particular pose for 7 consecutive days (a week) before changing to the next.

For one week, you will not have to worry about your next pose. Start with meditation poses such as Padmasana.

You will have 7 days to work on increased awareness and peace of mind with Padmasana. You will be more attentive.

Pay attention to your body and mind. It is a great time to think about all the benefits you will gain if you make yoga a habit.

4. Set Up A Space In Your Home To Remind You Of Your Yoga Practice

Don’t worry if your house has limited space. You can double-up your bedroom with your designated yoga area. You could use a section of your living room or balcony.


8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice

Always have your yoga mat in the designated area. It will act as a reminder that you have to practice yoga.

Better yet, get an interesting wall art with yoga details or quotes. Hang it in a very conspicuous place. You may also choose to have a figurine next to your TV stand.

According to behavioral psychology experts, reminders improve memory updating and improve new learning.

Having a reminder is an effective strategy to get you on your mat for your daily yoga practice. Try it out to increase your consistency in yoga.

5. Document Your Yoga Progress Daily To Enhance Consistency

Documenting your progress is a good way to check your performance in yoga. It will help you stay motivated and focused in your yoga practice.

Take videos or photos of your progress. You can choose to do this weekly, bi-weekly., or after your desired period.

Write down what you have achieved, what you haven't, and what you hope to achieve. Aim at starting more complex yoga poses.

Motivation will be 100% available, seeing the progress you have made. Go ahead and try out that challenging Supta Virasana pose.

6. Sign Up For A Yoga Challenge To Help You Develop Consistency

Find a yoga challenge online or from your instructor. Join the challenge and commit to it to completion.

8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice

Participating in yoga challenges gets you accustomed to the practice. Choose challenges that are long enough to get you glued to yoga practice.

Yoga challenges that take a month or more are more effective compared to anything less than a month.

7. Apply The Incentive Theory Of Motivation To Develop Consistency In Yoga Practice

Base your yoga practice on the incentive theory of motivation. Psychology says that people tend to engage in behaviors that lead to rewards.

Write down the body and mind benefits you will receive from yoga. Think of the improved posture, less painful menstruation, improved flexibility. The benefits should keep you motivated.

Besides documenting your growth in yoga practice, reward yourself. Treat yourself to a spa date when you go for a month without missing your yoga classes.

Schedule milestones in your yoga practice and the interesting rewards after each milestone. Our human brains commit better to something when there is a reward involved.

8. Find An Accountability Yoga Buddy To Keep You Committed To Yoga Practice

We all need a friend. In yoga, a friend with shared yoga visions will keep you accountable. Discuss your yoga experiences and the goals you want to achieve with your buddy.

 8 Tips For Maintaining A Consistent Yoga Practice

Drive to yoga studio sessions together or watch online tutorials together. Check progress for each other.

Keep reminding each other why you started yoga practice and what you are hoping to achieve. Sharing is caring. Caring should involve motivating each other to make yoga a habit.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of yoga are holistic, covering every aspect of your body. Apply the 8 tips provided in this article in your yoga practice for guaranteed results.

Remember, it all starts in your mind. Commit to consistency over perception in yoga. Everything else will fall in place.


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