How to Start a Meditation Practice: Everything you Need


We all know that meditation is good for us. It’s been shown to help with immunity, to increase focus and mental clarity, to reduce blood pressure, to increase optimism and so on. But it’s not because we know it’s good that we necessarily do it. Or do it enough.

How To Meditate in 5 Steps

  1. Sit comfortably, ideally on a surface that feels comfortable but not too You want your spine to be straight and most importantly, you want to feel awake and alert (vs sleepy) during your meditation. That’s why we don’t recommend lying down so much, but you could if you manage to stay alert. To sit properly, you could use a meditation cushion to keep your back straight AND feel super comfy in your hips the whole time.
  2. Close your eyes softly.
  3. Breathe as normal. Don’t try to control or modify your breath; this is meditation, not pranayama.
  4. Focus your attention on something. There are different techniques out there: you can try Japa Mala meditation, focus on your breath, on your chakras by visualising a ball of colored energy in a chakra, etc. There are dozens of techniques; explore and find one that you enjoy.
  5. Everytime your mind drifts (because it will), let that thought go and come back to your object of focus. It’s totally normal to have many thoughts coming during your meditation. That’s the practice; to notice your thoughts coming and then letting them go.

What You Need to Meditate

Actually, you need absolutely nothing to start your meditation practice. But let’s say that some accessories help immensely by setting the mood or to avoid hip pain which you could get from sitting cross-legged for 15+ minutes.

1- A meditation cushion

As we said above, a meditation cushion is a huge help because it elevates your pelvis, making your hips and legs feel much better even after sitting still for a while.

2- An essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is great to have during your yoga practice and meditation because it really helps to set the mood. Scents have such a powerful effect on us; lavender, bergamot and camomile are very soothing. You could also try our Let Go blend.

3- A Mala necklace

If Japa meditation is your thing, you absolutely need a mala necklace. (This is one of the most attainable meditation techniques in our opinion!)

4- An eye pillow

If you meditate lying down, use a warm lavender eye pillow to add some weight on your eyes and a lovely soothing smell, which both help to calm down and focus.

Even with all the accessories in the world, meditation will still be difficult. Start doing it for shorter times, 5-10 minutes. After a while, you could do 20 minutes per day and extend, up to an hour. The longer, the better, but we totally understand that it’s not always possible in a busy schedule. We’re confidant to say that 20 minutes a day is enough for you to start feeling the positive effects of your meditation practice on your life without taking so much of your time. And remember that it’s not a perfect, it’s a practice, so be easy on yourself and stay consistent to feel all the benefits.

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