The 5 Best Yoga & Wellness Podcasts


Are you into the whole podcast thing yet? Because if not, you need to get on it! Podcasts are essentially like tv shows... without the images. There are many different styles, some tell stories while some are more informational. Podcasts are a great way to make your commute more enjoyable; you get to listen to something that is interesting to you and helps you grow instead of listening to the radio. Of course, we love all podcasts related to yoga, health and wellness. Here are a couple of our favorites if you want to get started:



Former Yoga Journal editor and yoga teacher Andrea Ferretti (she’s also married to Jason Crandell!) interviews experts in the fields of yoga and mindfulness. She geeks out on all things anatomy and meditation, but also talks about news in the yoga industry. We strongly recommend her podcast if you always like to learn more about yoga.


With a yogic pun on the MBA, Amanda Kingsmith, canadian yoga teacher and business major, interviews a bunch of experts on the business side of yoga. She touches on all kinds of subjects, from marketing your classes to branding to opening a successful yoga studio and even self care as a yoga teacher. This podcast should definitely be on your list if you are a yoga teacher and have an interest in the business side of things.

The Highest Self Podcast

Sahara Rose, an ayurvedic expert and best selling author, does a mix of solo shows and interviews talking about ayurveda, health and consciousness. First, her voice is so nice and soothing, but her episodes are usually insightful and help her listeners get to their highest selves.

spiritual podcast

Manifest This

Akashic Records reader, pro manifester and former food blogger Ashley Wood shares spiritual content on her podcast. She talks about all things manifesting and law of attraction, but her main goal is to allow her listeners to come back to their inner knowing and intuition.

Almost 30 Podcast

Krista Williams and Lyndsey Simcik co-host this sensational wellness podcast. First, they are so funny; listening to their interviews make us feel like we are in a conversation with friends. They also talk about every single wellness topic you can imagine, and I mean, they aren’t afraid of talking about anything, which is super refreshing. Listening to their insightful interviews might allow you to explore new subjects and gain more perspective.


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