Which Is the Best Type of Yoga for Beginners?


Yoga allows you to tap into the energies within your body and mind. It allows you to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. There are so many different types of yoga techniques.

But if you are new to the yoga world, you might get confused pretty easily when looking at the overwhelming number of types out there.

This guide will help you out in choosing the best practice that meets your needs.

 Which Is the Best Type of Yoga for Beginners?

Which Yoga Technique is Right for You

After scouring the internet for what types of yoga you should begin with, you might feel pretty confused. There are so many different types of yoga, and you might be thinking, should you start with Iyengar or Astanga? Or what's the difference between Vinyasa and hot yoga?

Different yoga varieties make it difficult for you to decide, and you might leave it all together thinking that it's a butt too much to handle. But you don't need to put yourself off here as you can integrate different yoga into your routine, just like cross-training.

The best practice is to try out different techniques and even different teachers and then stick with the one that works well for you.

So, where should you start?

We have developed a list of common types of yoga that you can begin with and then graduate yourself to the more advanced ones.

 Beginners' Yoga - The Eight Types that you Must Know

Beginners' Yoga - The Eight Types that you Must Know

1. Hatha

The yoga classes with slow movements in Hatha are all about the basics of yoga. You will need to hold each pose for at least a few breaths. Many studios consider this yoga to be pretty gentle.

"Hatha" is a Sanskrit word that means any yoga with physical postures. This yoga is all about physical practices, so basically, all yoga is hatha yoga. It is a suitable choice for beginners due to the slower pace as well as for elders.

2. Vinyasa

Vinyasa is a much more dynamic yoga practice as compared to Hatha. Here you will have to develop a link between your breath and your movement. It means that you will essentially be moving like you're dancing.

You won't speed much time lingering in one movement for long, and you will feel it's a much faster type of yoga. It means that your heart rate is going to rise for sure. You can go for pump music with this one and can match the poses with the beats.

This is the best kind of yoga for HIIT lovers as well as intense exercisers. You will also find it a more attractive form of yoga if you are a runner or an endurance athlete

3. Iyenger

If you are the kind of person who gets more detailed about your work, this is the right kind of yoga for you. You will have to keep your body properly aligned in each of these poses involved in this yoga.

You will also work with different props, including yoga blocks, ropes, straps, and blankets. The range of motion needs to remain effective and safe. This yoga is much more like Hatha. You will have to maintain each pose for some time. It is highly recommended that you begin with the level 1 class in Iyenger to familiarize yourself with this yoga technique properly.

This is essential even if you have done other forms of yoga previously. Iyenger is best suited for yogis who like detail-oriented and if you are a body anatomy geek. However, this yoga type is suitable for any age group.

4. Ashtanga

Looking for a more orderly yet challenging yoga, then go for the Ashtanga. It comprises six different yoga poses in sequence, and you will be able to develop internal heat as you can breathe and flow through the poses.

But here is a catch! You will have to do these six poses in each class repeatedly and in the same order. For some, this might get a bit boring.

But if you are a beginner, you will get along pretty well as you move on to more advanced types of yoga. This type of yoga is suitable for all those perfectionists out there because it comes with strict guidelines.

5. Bikram

If you like getting all sweaty and want to go for this kind of yoga, then Bikram Yoga is the right option for you. It is a set of 26 different poses and a couple of breathing exercises practiced inside a room heated up to 104 degrees and contain 40% humidity.

All yoga studios that practice Bikram have the same 90-min routine. So, you will get along quite nicely once you get enrolled in this yoga. This class is going to feel a bit strenuous because of all the vigorous activity and sweating.

If you are doing it for the first time, don't get too carried away and relax. Instead, make sure to hydrate and rest when you need it properly. This yoga has a predictable routine, so you will love doing it as a beginner and cherish it even more if you like being sweaty during physical activity.

6. Hot Yoga

This one is very similar to Bikram Yoga as this one also takes place in a hot room. But you are not limited to 26 poses only.

With the heat on, you might notice that your body has become much more flexible and you might be able to reach deeper in some poses, especially compared to some other classes in colder environments. But keep in mind not to overdo it.

This type of yoga is suitable for people who like getting sweaty in their exercise and physical activities. However, if you love going through a tough workout, go for a heated level 1.

7. Kundalini

This yoga has a cult-like following because many celebrities have also used it in the past. People like Gabrielle Bernstein and Russell Brand have made Kundalini very popular. Still, this kind of yoga looks a bit intimidating both mentally and physically.

Your yoga class will look very different here, and you will do a lot of repetitive physical exercises called kriyas, which will be paired with some heavy breathwork. Apart from that you will be meditating, singing and chanting as well.

All you are doing here is break free from your internal barriers and release that inner untapped energy. If you are looking for spiritual practice and seek something more than just a workout, then this is it.

8. Yin

Looking to calm all your senses and balance them out, this is the yoga you need to go for. It's all about finding your zen. Here you will hold and maintain your yoga poses for longer and sometimes for several minutes.

This meditating practice allows you to channel energy towards your deeper fascia and connective tissue. It will restore elasticity and length. Here you won't engage your muscles but will use props that will allow you to get into a posture.

It is not the right yoga type for you when you are looking to unwind and stretch, but you are not super flexible and have any disorders associated with connective tissues.

Final Word

There are all kinds of yoga. You have to make the right choice based on your body type and what you want to achieve with your yoga practice. If you are unsure, you can try out a few different yoga and see what resonates with you. You can try them all out if you want.

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