Which Is The Best Yoga Wear Fabric?


Yoga is more than a physical exercise. You want to be as comfortable in your mental space as you should be in the physical. Your choice of fabric for yoga wear contributes to comfort.

Making an informed decision on the type of fabric you want for your yoga wear is very important. You may wonder, which is the best yoga wear fabric? To find out, read on!

 Which Is The Best Yoga Wear Fabric?

Best Fabric For Yoga Wear 2021

Personal preferences, comfort, and workout routines play a significant role in determining the best fabric for yoga wear. Choose a fabric that has excellent moisture management and breathability during workouts. Polyester, polypropylene, nylon, bamboo, and spandex fabrics will provide you with the best support for yoga.

This article contains a description of the suitable fabrics for yoga wear. It’s a guide for beginners and those wishing to get a new set of yoga wear. Keep reading!

Fabric Properties To Consider When Choosing Suitable Yoga Wear

What level of comfort are you looking for in your yoga pants/wear? Here is a list of qualities you should look for in your yoga wear;

Moisture Management/ Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Choose a fabric that resists the absorption of sweat when you work out. Sweat from your skin evaporates through the fabric. No wet yoga pants. No wet skin.


Getting sufficient airflow when working out is very important. Choose a fabric that helps you remain dry throughout the yoga session.


You have experienced rough fabrics that irritate your skin. You may want to avoid that when exercising. Choose a fabric for your yoga wear that hugs your skin softly.

Thinness & Thickness

Avoid going for a fabric that is too thin. Thin fabric offers minimal compressive support. It means that your yoga pants will easily stretch out around the knees and bum.

Choose a relatively thick fabric that will provide support and good coverage. It should be thick enough to handle all work out workout routines.

Odor Resistant

Choose a fabric that has microbial properties. It will help your skin breathe and resist the build-up of odor-causing micro bacteria.

Stretching Ability

Go for a fabric that has a good stretch. It should make a maximum stretch and spring back to its form. You will have zero hold-back even when doing your ashtanga or vinyasa yoga.

List Of Best Yoga Wear Fabric

Some yoga outfits are made from 100% fabric material. Some contain a blend of two fabrics. Let’s go ahead and find out the best fabric for yoga wear: yoga pants, yoga leggings, etc.



Polyester is a lightweight crease-resistant and moisture-wicking fabric. It is highly durable, making it a suitable yoga wear fabric for long-term use.

In exercising, 100% polyester may not provide you with maximum breathability. It will be wise to choose a blend of polyester with spandex.

Use 80-90% polyester with 10-20% spandex to achieve the best yoga wear fabric. You will get an added advantage of breathability and stretchability.

Properties: Great Moisture-wicking ability.


Yoga is all about stretching, and you will need a fabric that does not hold you back. Spandex will give you maximum stretch. It will spring back to its original form without bagging.

Use a fabric that combines 10-15% spandex with polyester. A four-way stretch will allow your yoga pants to spread in any direction during Kundalini, Iyengar, or Bikram yoga.

To maintain the stretchability of spandex, avoid using heat on it. As much as you can, wash it in cold water and leave it to air dry.

If you find the word ‘Lycra’ when you purchase a spandex fabric, relax. Lycra is only a patented spandex fabric.

Properties: Best stretchability.



Which Is The Best Yoga Wear Fabric?

One of the best and most common yoga wear fabrics is nylon. It has a good stretch allowing you to move with ease.

Nylon is soft on the skin; hence it will not cause chafing. Nylon allows sweat to escape from your skin and evaporate through its outer layer.

No sweaty or smelly outfits when the fabric used is nylon. It will take care of sweat and odor accumulation in our yoga pants, leggings, bra, t-shirts, etc. 

Properties: Great moisture-wining ability, considerable stretchability, great comfortability, and odor-resistant.


Finding a polypropylene fabric is almost the same as using polyester. The two are plastics with significant breathability advantages.

If you are looking for a fabric that dries faster, polypropylene should be your go-to. It is also easy to wash.

Properties: Great moisture-wicking ability.

Best Natural Yoga Wear Fabric

Fabrics made from natural products are more expensive than those made from factory-made materials. The best thing is that the natural fabrics are odor-resistant.



Which Is The Best Yoga Wear Fabric?

If you are an ecology-conscious human being, bamboo should be your best fabric for yoga wear. You might have to spend a little more on the fabric, but it will be worth it.

Bamboo has a combination of almost all the best properties for yoga pants fabric. The unique advantage is its microbial properties.

After the very engaging aerial yoga routines, you will not have to worry about smelling sweat. Bamboo prevents the build-up of the micro-organisms that causes your fabric to stink.

Properties: Great odor-resistance, moisture-wicking, high comfortability, highly breathable.

Merino Wool

 Merino Wool

If you want something soft and thick during winter, then merino wool is the best fabric for your yoga wear.

Merino wool has excellent moisture-wicking properties. It will help you keep warm by trapping warm air in your body. When you start to sweat, it will allow the sweat to evaporate.

For enhanced softens and breathability, look for a blend of merino wool with polyester.

Properties: Great breathability, superb comfort, good odor-resistant.

Yoga Wear Fabric To Avoid in 2021

Cotton is a soft fabric, but it will disappoint you in so many ways when used in yoga wear. It is moisture absorbent and very uncomfortable and heavy when wet.

Cotton has low stretchability and will hold you back from engaging in intensive yoga. Unless you are going for sukhasana yoga, avoid cotton as your fabric.

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