21 Best Yoga Gift Ideas for the Yogi in your Life


Talk to pretty much any yogi and they’ll tell you that yoga is way more than a calm and stretchy physical practice; it’s a complete lifestyle. That’s why giving yoga related things to the yogi in your life will probably be really appreciated. Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the yoga addict you know or for someone who is just starting with the practice? We’ve got you covered here. These gifts will surely please any yoga practitioner, regardless of their level or how many years they’ve been practicing.

1-An Essential Oil Diffuser

Blossom Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, 77 CA$

Essential oils are a natural way to induce emotions, trigger some bodily fonctions and give a nice smell to our houses. That’s why a diffuser and essential oils are a go-to gift for pretty much anyone you know.

2-A Funny Tshirt

funny yoga tshirt

Heavily Meditated Tshirt, 31 CA$

Who doesn’t love a funny tshirt? This tshirt is a nice way to add humor to a yoga wardrobe.

3-A Yoga Mat Bag

Gaiam Cargo Mat Bag in Purple Medallion, 32 CA$

Know a yogi on the go? Offer her/him a yoga mat bag to take their yoga mat anywhere they need to.

4-A Mala Necklace

Truth Mala Necklace, 57 CA$

To meditate with or to wear as an accessory, mala necklaces make for a thoughtful gift. This Blue Quartz one helps with communication and self expression.

5-A Cute Reversible Yoga Mat

Reversible Yoga Mat, 43 CA$

Your yogi could choose between the sun and moon or the lotus and Om side. Do we need to say more?

6-A Supportive Bra

supportive yoga bra pink

Onzie Chic Bra in Blush, 62 CA$

Any active woman must-have: a good supportive and moisture wicking sports bra. Bonus points if it’s pink.

7-A Hand Mat Towel

Manduka eQua Yoga Hand Towel, 15 CA$

Your loved one loves going to hot yoga? Chances are they’ll need a mat towel to avoid slipping and sliding on their mat.

8-A Yoga Book

yoga girl best yoga book

Yoga Girl, 21 CA$

Rachel Brathen is a yoga celebrity on Instagram. She is also known as Yoga Girl hence the name of the book. Her inspiring book has yoga sequences, poses, stories and some recipes.

9-A Set of Yoga Blocks

Manduka Recycled Foam Block in Coral, 21 CA$ each

Yoga blocks are a nice gift for yogis who practice at home, because they help to access or deepen certain poses. If your yogi practices online or by themselves at home, offer them a pair of yoga blocks!

10-The Best Yoga Mat

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat in Thrive, 100 CA$

The yogi in your life is practicing a lot and going through their entry-level yoga mat? Offer them the Cadillac of the yoga mats; a Manduka. These mats are yoga teachers’ favorites as they offer incredible grip and never wear out.

11-Yoga Related Jewelry

satya yoga jewelry

Satya Healing Vitality Bracelet Set, 126 CA$

A beautiful piece of jewelry is a timeless gift. It’s even better if it’s somehow related to your giftee’s passion.

12-Moisture Wicking Yoga Pants

Onzie High Rise Bondage Legging, 95 CA$

We don’t know of any yogi who wouldn’t love to get just another pair of good yoga leggings. These are moisture wicking and feature sassy mesh panels that show skin at all the right places.

13-A Journal

five minute journal yoga

The Five Minute Journal, 29 CA$

Yoga is an internal practice that usually starts as physical and transforms into a lifestyle. What better way to infuse more mindfulness and happiness into a day than with yoga AND with this 5 minutes journal.

14-A Water Bottle

bkr water bottle pink

bkr Elle Water Bottle, 45 CA$

Help your yoga lover to stay hydrated by offering them a water bottle so fashionable that they’ll want to keep it close to them at all times.

15-An All-Natural Deodorant

Baking Soda Free Natural Deodorant in Grapefruit, 18 CA$

Even if we know natural deodorants are so much better for us, they often are more expensive than regular chemical and aluminum filled ones. That’s why they make a great gift to receive! These are not only all natural, vegan and cruelty-free, but they also smell delicious all will keep armpits smelling fresh even through a yoga class.

16-A Subscription to Yoga Journal

yoga gift subscription

1 Year Subscription to Yoga Journal, 26 CA$

New yoga content every month? Yes please! Gift a subscription to a yoga magazine, like Yoga Journal to offer some yoga related entertainment and knowledge to the yogi in your life.

17-Yoga Home Decor

yoga home decor clock

Let That Shit Go Clock, 52 CA$

A truly yoga obsessed person will want to welcome more yoga related items into their home. This funny and colorful, yet chic clock adds a nice yoga touch to an office, living room or yoga space.

18-Moon Yoga Leggings

New Moon Black Hot Pant, 92 CA$

Did we say that most yogis have an obsession with yoga pants? It’s not our fault they’re way more comfortable than jeans… Which always makes them a good gift. Bonus points if they have moons on them.

19-A Travel Yoga Mat

eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat in Acai, 55 CA$

Regular yoga mats are too bulky for your nomad yogi. Travel yoga mats are a must as they can we folded really small and can fit in any suitcase or bag.

20-A Self Improvement Book

four agreements self improvement book

The Four Agreements, 11 CA$

Yoga takes people on a self-improvement journey, making it easier for practitioners to observe their own patterns and thoughts. The Four Agreements is a classic book that’s perfectly fitted for anyone who wishes for change and improvement in their thoughts, patterns and their life.

21-Yoga Classes or Online Yoga Subscription

yoga gift guide

Yoga classes are always a winning gift. Buy classes at the local yoga studio or an online subscription on websites like My Virtual Yoga or YogaGlo.

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