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« You are a lot stronger and powerful than you think you are. » -Virginie Duval

Virginie Duval is a yoga teacher from Beauce, Quebec. You simply need to visit her Facebook page to know she’s a true positive influence. She creates online yoga programs for people to liberate their full potential with the art of movement. She stimulates force and self-surpassing in others but also softness and simplicity. She calls her clients warriors. She inspires us a lot and we wanted to know more.

On your website, you are honnest and say that you only started to move at around 24 years old. What motivated you to start?

When I started moving, it was not because I was motivated, but because I had no motivation for anything… I was professionally exhausted and was ready to try anything to find my inner sparkle again – which seamed dead at that time. I started moving at home, with DVDs because I was too embarrassed to go to a gym or a yoga studio.

Why did you decide to become a yoga teacher? What has been your biggest challenge and your best moment?

I started doing my yoga teacher training for myself, because I was practicing at home! I wanted to know more and to do the poses well. My biggest challenge/best moment is when I had to do a 10h internship teaching yoga in order to get my diploma. I was so stressed out, me who had never been to a real yoga class… But it’s at the end of these 10 hours that I felt in love with teaching and knew it would be more than an internship.

How would you describe your philosophy as a yoga teacher/motivator?

Since I teach Budokon, I really love the motto “The way you do anything is the way you do everything”. It changed many things in my life. What is important for me is to bring joy in everything I do and to dedicate myself to what I do. I’m a big advocate for commitment and discipline, much more than I used to be when I started. I have a lot of respect for people that choose to take actions and start a transformation with me and my online programs.

What do you love most in what you do?

People! At this very moment, I just cried with laughter after reading a comment in one of the Facebook groups. I really have a great group and it motivates me to find ways to make their experience better. I love having the power to create in my business for the community.

virginie duval dfine online yoga programs

Instagram @virginie.duval

You look like a real warrior, who isn’t scared of anything and achieves what you want. What is the key to your courage?

Humm I talk to myself a lot! I call that "mental pushups". I’m scared of failure, just like everyone else, but I also have a big dream and a desire that requires from me to do big things. I would also way it is coherence… I have to live what I teach. I sincerely want my group to be invincible and that they get out there, so I must do it. When I have failures, I learn and get back on my feet.

You invite people to liberate their full potential with the art of movement. If you had to give ONE advice to a reader who wishes to find and give the best of herself, what would it be?

Be surrounded by a good circle of people… choose who you spend time with, choose what you listen to, read and watch. Your circle will help you make it up the mountain or…. not.

You recently did a Kickstarter campaign. Can we expect something new from Virginie Duval?

I’m currently preparing a new Elite coaching program for warriors and I’m working on an annual gathering. I also want to expand this community of beautiful warriors because I have crazy ideas of online challenges and meet-ups. It will come.

Your favorite 3 items at Yoga Dept?

You would like to know more about Virginie and her Dfine online yoga programs? Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Thanks Virginie for taking some of your precious time to answer our questions!

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