3 Style Inspiration for Wanderlust Festival


Wanderlust Festival is coming to Tremblant very soon!

We thought we would share a couple style inspirations with you. You can still order and get it in time!

We created these image on Polyvore. If you are on this platform, make sure to follow us! If not, we always share our creations on our Pinterest.

wanderlust festival style inspiration

Leggings: Buffalo Princess Hot Pant

Top: Knot Crop Top

Yoga Mat: eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

Running shoes, Swell water bottle, sunscreen, deodorant, chapstick, bindis, sunglasses, bracelets, a hat, a notebook and a backpack!

chic athleisure activewear style

Leggings: Cut Out Capri

Bra: Wrap Bra

Hat: Good Vibes Dad Hat

Yoga Mat: The Black Mat Pro

Yoga Mat Bag: To & Fro Mat Carrier

Havainas Flip Flops, Swell water bottle, sunscreen and a scrunchie.

yoga festival style

Leggings: Lightning in a Bottle Hot Pant

Tank: Lightning in a Bottle Lover Tank

Mala Necklace: Clarity Mala

Temporary tattoos, Swell water bottle, a hat, a cool bohemian cellphone cover and a backpack.

Are you going to Wanderlust Tremblant? What are you most excited for?

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